Leakage Detection Principles


Various Sensor Technologies

Various sensor equipment, including acoustic, pressure and temperature sensors, etc. Customers can choose single or multiple sensors package.

Leak Detection and Monitoring

We apply the cutting edge deep neural network techniques to analyze the pressure transients and acoustic disturbances to accurately localize the leaks in real time and warn the clients simultaneously.

Evaluation of Pipe Network Status

Based on large amount of historical data, our intelligent analysis platform can learn the status of underground assets quickly and precisely, and provide first-hand information for the maintaining and updating of assets.

Data Analysis

Based on the integration, analysis and regression of historical data of the underground pipe network, the information of pressure, temperature, water quality, sound wave, day-night difference, demand variation, etc., can be viewed by the clients in real time.

Cutting Edge in Industry

Our R&D team has been established with a group of experts in fluid mechanics and sensor developing with extensive industrial experience. Also, we have several top-level experts in our consulting team.

Interactive Design

We design various sensor products, build data analysis models, and provide solutions and/or services to meet the specific needs of our clients.