The current sensor products are based on the characteristic analyses of pressure and acoustic waves for leak detection and localization. The main features are as follows:
Water Pipe Network Leakage Detection
IPT systematically monitors the operational status of large scale pipe network, accurately catches and localizes pipe leaks, including small leaks, for pipes made of various materials such as carbon iron, metal, PVC, etc.
Pipe Network Real Time Monitoring
Multiple types of sensors are deployed with wireless transmitter and receiver to measure the real time data of pressure, flow rate, temperature and various elements in water, etc. They are also applicable to water quality and pollution monitoring.
Big Data Collection and Analysis
The system can analyze the data collected by the sensors in the pipe network in real time, and check the current state of the pipe network based on model from historical big data. The users can log in to the account to view the real-time pipe network status report.
Network Condition Monitoring
By comparing real-time data with historical data, IPT has the capability to recognize the risky pipe sections with high likelihood of leakage, and to provide forecasts and alarms for the future status of pipe network, as well as to advise to clients regarding the pipe network operations.
Client-Oriented Service
We provide customized services and solutions for clients of different industries and applications, including management of water, sewage, oil and gas, as well as severe weather events such as storms.
Intelligent Pipe Network and Smart City
As an important component of future smart city, our intelligent pipe network system will provide sustainable and reliable protection to the infrastructure of cities.