Company Profile

Intelligent Pipenet Technology is an early stage startup founded in 2016. It is dedicated to solving the leakage detection and prevention problem of underground water and gas pipelines etc. We are located at the beautiful historic town Acton in Massachusetts, about half an hour driving from downtown Boston. We are a group of veteran entrepreneurs and engineers. Our core research and development team consists of experienced research engineers on fluid mechanics, sensor designers, data scientists and software engineers. The team is investigating the next-generation technologies for leakage detection and real-time monitoring systems. We believe technology will help us give a complete solution for the leakage problem.

Products & Solutions

Intelligent Pipenet Technology focuses on the complete solution for the leakage and aging issues of underground pipe network, including real-time monitoring, warning and early assessment systems for water, oil and gas pipelines in both residential and industrial application. Our end-to-end solution covers from multiple sensor data acquisition, wireless data transmission and intelligent real-time data analytics. Based on the platform, users can monitor the real-time status of their underground pipe network facilities, and start response program to protect the pipe network facilities and maximize its delivery efficiency when necessary.